We Are Escape Artists

For all that they have given us, modernity and technology come with a cost. Stress, anxiety and fatigue fuel the need for escape.

Escape is defined on our own terms — HIKING, FISHING a favorite trout stream, COCKTAILS with a spouse, GOLF with friends,
buying a luxury timepiece, a GETAWAY to a mountain home.

It is an environment or state of mind that is PERSONAL, yet its effect is UNIVERSAL – a path to our BETTER SELF.

Escape energizes us, feeds the body, nourishes the mind, elevates the spirit. And our need for its restorative powers has never been greater.

What We Believe

We believe for a brand to connect to an audience seeking escape, it must be able to convey its authentic voice and identity through stories and experiences that take people to moments that matter. We call it TRANSPORTAL CONTENT – the bridge between current states of mind to higher senses of feeling and being.

It is our founding philosophy of marketing and is fundamental to all agencies in the Buffalo Groupe Collective.

Our Leadership

John Watson

Executive Chairman, Buffalo Groupe

Kyle Ragsdale

Chief Executive Officer, Buffalo Groupe

Emily Clark

Chief Operating Officer, Buffalo Groupe

Lauren Nodzak

Managing Director, Buffalo Agency
Head of Strategic Communications, Buffalo Groupe

Jack Burris

Managing Director, 54 Brands
President, Moments Live

Sara Killeen

Managing Director, Longitudes Group

John Kautz

Managing Director, BGRM

Glenn Gray

Executive Vice President

Genna Shelnutt

Executive Creative Director, Managing Director BGRM

Keith Storey

President of Sports Marketing Surveys, USA

Caitlin Wesenberg

Senior Vice President – Digital

Andrew Gray

Senior Vice President – Finance

The Collective