Human beings are constantly evolving, using life experiences as opportunities to become better versions of ourselves. This subtle but necessary evolution can be seen in intangible things too, like ideas and images—and therein lies the art of the rebrand.

The most forward-thinking brands in the world are consistently looking for new ways to refresh their identities through design, messaging, products, and more. To be successful, these brands need to adapt quickly in a world of dynamic consumer preferences.

From global chains to industry icons (and even a couple of appearances from the RM archives), here’s a list of some of our favorite brand evolutions to date.


Nearly all of us remember the Warner Bros. logo, with its distinctive orange and blue shield that loomed large on the screen, signalling the beginning of countless beloved movies. While the 1923 global entertainment company’s dramatic brand transformation may have been shocking to some, that evolution was borne from an abundance of strategic thinking and a dream team of designers at Pentagram. Today, the iconic shield logo remains, but it’s been reinvented. The all-new blue and white design features clean lines, streamlined elements, and a custom typeface that serves as a foundation for their updated brand identity. The logo has also been optimized for all platforms, from digital to print. The rebrand is, in a word, timeless—just like Warner Bros.

See the new logo and brand work here.


Bulletproof, an international brand and packaging design agency, was tasked with “putting the humanity” back into Cadbury and its hallmark chocolate bar, Dairy Milk, in this surprising rebrand. Part of these efforts included using hand-drawn typography to reimagine the classic company’s signature wordmark, making it less polished and more human. The revamped packaging for Dairy Milk also features new type, patterns, and icons, prominently displaying an updated version of the brand’s Glass and a Half icon on the purple wrapper. The Bulletproof design team pored over the archives of former Cadbury branding for inspiration to come up with this combination of elements that ultimately forms a more authentic and powerful design.

See the full branding work here.


In 2016, after 20 years of successfully slinging fast-food tacos to the masses, Taco Bell saw the writing on the wall and decided to “live más” with a bold new rebrand. They elevated their 1995 logo with a modern look that allows for more customization in a move the brand calls “an evolution, not a revolution.” In tandem with the new brand look, they announced their ambitious goal to add 2,000 new stores globally—one being the new Taco Bell Cantina in Vegas. This sit-down restaurant featuring a VIP lounge, tapas-style menu, and merch shop is the brand’s attempt to reframe itself as a healthier fast-casual option and lifestyle brand. And we have to say, it’s kinda working for them.

Learn more about the rebrand here.



Jackson County, NC, had an established brand, including a logo and tagline, but they needed fresh ideas for how to get prospective visitors to think of the county as a unique and desirable destination. The RM team got to work, dreaming up the “Play On” campaign and pushing the “360-degree adventure” that the four charming mountain towns of Jackson County have to offer. With a few strategic design tweaks, action-oriented photography, and an emphasis on user-generated content, Rawle Murdy breathed life into the existing brand and convinced visitors to Play On in Jackson County. Check out our full case study here.


Our new client, Your Crawlspace, is the leading innovator in the crawlspace encapsulation industry, providing customers with unique, patented solutions. They are currently undergoing a full brand refresh with Rawle Murdy—and we couldn’t be more excited about the direction! Our team started by reexamining the existing brand and digging into an analysis of competitors, which helped us identify what sets them apart and land on our new strategic positioning. After nailing down messaging, we implemented some small (but powerful) design tweaks to their existing logo, maintaining the recognizable geometric brand wordmark but drawing the eye to it through refinements. We also created a new tagline to further solidify the new position of the brand: Confidence from the Ground Up.

Here’s a sneak peak! Check back on our site for more updates on this amazing brand in the future.