The Backbone to Brilliance

Research and data should be the first step in any effective marketing strategy. Our industry-leading sports market research and 20+ in-house data experts serve as the critical foundation to ensure every Buffalo client’s success.

Qualitative research

Our trained moderators connect with target markets to fully understand the why behind the data: What drives purchases and satisfaction? Where do opportunities exist? How are brands perceived?

  • Virtual focus groups & IDIs
  • In-person focus groups & IDIs
  • Bulletin board focus groups  
  • iHuts & onsite intercepts
  • Ethnographies 
  • B2B and B2C 
  • Observational data 
  • Case studies

Quantitative research

We collect the data that matters, combining the science of analytics with the art of understanding to create the recommendations our clients need. Whether it be an international product launch or a marketing campaign within one selected DMA, our data drives decisions.

  • Price modeling
  • Total addressable market (TAM) 
  • Awareness, trial, & usage 
  • Derived importance & max diff
  • Case studies 
  • Economic impact studies
  • Shelf studies
  • Satisfaction & NPS 

Movement data

Movement data tells us not only how people are moving but which populations are going where and what that means for retail stores or travel destinations. Real world, nearly instant insights provide our clients with cutting-edge location data.

  • Competitive comparisons 
  • Population changes over Time 
  • Key segment identification
  • Time over time comparisons
  • Identify location draw area 
  • Market bumps and ad impact

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