Putting the PR in Prowess

Made up of brilliant brand stewards with a flair for creative storytelling, our 15-person PR team rivals the expertise of any industry-leading public relations firm.

Media moments

From curating can’t-be-missed launches for new brands to planning and coordinating meaningful media visits, our PR team creates epic moments that break through the clutter.

  • Product launches
  • Press conferences & events
  • Brand partnerships
  • Media trips
  • Announcements

Creative storytelling

At the heart of the discipline, PR is all about storytelling: uncovering the absolute best story we have to tell and then delivering that story in a way that makes your brand relevant today—just like we did for ECCO in a recent launch party in New York.

  • Media relations
  • Influencer & content creator management
  • Digital PR

Brand reputation management

Whether it’s a bed bug outbreak at a beloved beach resort or training executives for critical media moments, we steer brands with clarity and precision through good times and bad.

  • Strategic communication planning
  • Crisis management
  • Media training
  • Executive visibility
  • Thought leadership

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