Buffalo Groupe: One Herd, One Heart

buffalo groupe transforms into a singular force in the marketing world

Buffalo Groupe first came to be in 2019 as a single agency—Buffalo Agency, a brilliant PR firm with unrivaled golf expertise. Over the years, we added to the Groupe: a Charleston-based agency with complementary client industries (Rawle Murdy) followed by a Charlotte-based shop with B2B and events prowess (54 Brands). We widened our experience and service offerings with research firms—three to be exact (Longitudes Group, Sports Marketing Surveys USA, ActionWatch), a media property (The First Call), a sporting event (Baseball’s World Series of Golf), and even a traveling social club (The Friars Club). Being a part of the Herd made us all better, but operating as one Herd makes us our absolute best.

So this year, we stripped away the agencies to become a singular force in the marketing world. To celebrate and recognize this monumental step for our company, we also took time to treat ourselves as a client with a comprehensive rebrand, which we’re excited to share with the world. 

foundational messaging 

Just as we would with any of our clients, we began with our messaging. With an eye toward the future, we reassessed our mission and vision. We put words down to define our company’s values—Kindness, Clarity, and Courage. We took stock in our foundation of golf expertise while also creating a greater runway to grow as Escape Marketing experts. And we made certain we all agreed on exactly what that means. 

In true Buffalo fashion, we laddered our everything up to a singular core idea. We call it “The Five-Second Story,” a high-level, ownable point of reference from which everything else can build. It’s a unique part of our marketing philosophy, so it was critical to get ours right.

Buffalo Groupe | We Create Escape.

We believe we pioneered escape marketing. We’re experts in knowing and reaching the escape audience. We specialize in escape industries. And we do it all through creative thinking that’s rooted in data and research. 

inspired visual identity

With those foundational pieces in place, we could unleash our team of talented art directors to bring it to life. From mood boards to logos to fonts, colors, we created a fresh brand look that reflects both where we came from and where we are headed. 

The logo features a buffalo silhouette rising on a ridge—looking forward and proud, conveying our position as the pioneers of elevated escape. The stars flex to represent our three values, our three core industries, and the three words in our five-second story. 

The colors reflect nature, while the fonts strike a balance between the creativity of our work and the high-end output for our client partners. Custom icons were created to reflect our service areas. Textures, patterns, and photography styling added richness and versatility to the brand. 

introducing the liftoff

Last but not least, we created a sub-brand for our enewsletter and blog: The Liftoff, which is what you’ve found yourself reading here. The visual for The Liftoff is a buffalo being lifted through the air by a hot air balloon. Why? Because this is a place for unexpected inspiration, wild-but-brilliant ideas, and making the impossible a reality. 

Afterall, nothing brings Buffalo Groupe’s role in the marketing world to life more clearly than the Liftoff Buffalo. It’s the perfect visual representation, not just of our Five Second Story, but of Buffalo’s mission to ELEVATE escape. 

We welcome you to be a part in this next chapter in Herd history.