Buffalo Groupe Names President of Moments Live Division

Buffalo Groupe Names President of Moments Live Division

(Charleston, S.C.) – Buffalo Groupe, LLC, a collection of agencies, events and media properties focused on golf and other “escape” industries has appointed Jack Burris to President of its events division, Moments Live. This is an expansion of Burris’ leadership role within Buffalo Groupe as he also serves as Managing Director of 54 Brands.  

Since its launch in July 2021, Moments Live has helped create emotional connections with clients, prospects, staff and colleagues by strengthening relationships, improving culture and building loyalty. The division specializes in operating internal company programs like executive offsite meetings, virtual or in-person corporate meetings, golf tours and tournaments and other luxury experiences. 

“I’m excited to assume the leadership role for Moments Live,” said Jack Burris, President, Moments Live and Managing Director, 54 Brands. “I’ve always been genuinely interested in helping our partners create and nurture meaningful relationships with their clients, colleagues and prospects. Our goals are to execute memorable experiences that help businesses improve employee engagement, attract and retain customers and improve overall ROI to grow their businesses.”

Burris brings his 24 years of experience as brand strategist, idea generator, problem-solver and business leader specializing in everything from franchising to e-commerce, from business-to-business strategy to general marketing. He also has worked with businesses ranging from large and small start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies. 

As Managing Director of 54 Brands, a 38-year-old marketing firm that was acquired by Buffalo Groupe in 2019,  Burris has orchestrated a variety of experiences such as annual sales meetings and corporate offsites including for tenure client NBC Sports Next. 54 Brands has supported NBC Sports Next with a variety of custom events ranging from an 800-plus person all-staff meeting to regional customer engagement meetings, as well as more intimate sales incentive award trips. 

Moments Live was built on the idea that the time people spend recreationally or professionally escaping their everyday routine and building relationships should be engaging, memorable and, in many cases, have a recognized ROI. 

“Jack has the vision for building teams and growing businesses,” says Kyle Ragsdale, CEO, Buffalo Groupe. “Since he joined Buffalo Groupe in 2019, we’ve leveraged his knowledge and leadership to develop our business and now his experience will help us expand our events division.”

Moments Live currently owns and/or manages a range of events including Baseball’s World Series of Golf and The Friars Golf Club, a golf society with 800 members and 45-plus events each year. The division also has an exclusive partnership with the NFL Alumni Association.