Here at Rawle Murdy, we’re excited to be counting down to World Social Media on Day on June 30. Each week this month, we’ll be covering topics ranging from who to follow on Instagram to tools you can use to boost your social media marketing. Be sure to follow along!

1. @anthropologie: We love this account not only because Anthropologie has beautiful clothing and the best candles around, but because their social strategy is cohesive and concise — and the imagery is simply stunning.

2. @nicholas_skylar: A local drone photographer who expertly captures Charleston’s signature sunrises and sunsets, we highly recommend checking out Nick’s work any time of day.

3. @tastemade: If you love food as much as we do (hint: a lot), this is the account for you. @tastemade masterfully utilizes the short-video recipe format and produces drool-worthy dishes. Bonus points for the #TastemadeMeDoIt hashtag.

4. @graybenko: Yes, this Charleston mom has adorable children and amazing photography skills, but it’s her witty captions that truly merit the follow!

5. @cheznouscharleston: The food, wine and service are superb. Same goes for the photography and menu design. Chez Nous uses a not-so-secret recipe of great lighting, varied focus and limited filtering — with visually delicious results.

6. @textsfromyourex: Nothing makes us feel better about the current state of our love lives than a scroll through this account. Real texts from real exs that often have us saying, “#same.”

7. @9to5mag: This Charleston-based music and photography magazine is one to watch! With a mission to share the lives of those working to make music their 9-to-5, this magazine uses scroll-stopping photography that warrants a follow.

8. @itsdougthepug: Three words: Pugs. Pop. Culture. Doug the Pug combines the timeliness of pop culture with the cuteness of an adorable pug. It is, as the kids say, lit.

9. @foodintheair: Cue cravings! This account highlights mouthwatering food in beautiful settings, offering the audience a feast of culinary experiences and #grubgoals.

10. @girlboss: For a daily dose of #girlpower, look no further than Girlboss. Created by self-made success story, Sophia Amoruso, this account features everything from funny memes to inspirational quotes for the lady bosses (and #dudebosses) of the world.

11. @graymalin: With an eye for color that seamlessly floats through changing aesthetics, fine-art photographer Gray Malin makes you feel like every day is a getaway. (Pro tip: Snag an original Gray Malin for yourself at a discount, because one is always offered in the caption!).

12. @ilovethatforyou: A passion project for two guys trying to figure it all out. They share lifehacks, life fails and what they love most. Watch them struggle, watch them succeed, and soon you’ll feel like their best friend.

13. @sunwoven: Erin Barrett is not only a master of handwoven textiles, but also of interior design. She selects a color palette to reflect the materials she uses and shares her home decor life experiences via daily stories.

14. @freeflyapparel: This local company knows the meaning of engagement. When FreeFly is tagged, they give you a like, no matter the size of the account. The brand also features its clothing in the ways it’s meant to be worn — whether that’s while deep-sea fishing or chilling on a dock with friends!

15. @sneaker_chs: One word describes this account — aesthetic. If you need an example of how to develop an Instagram aesthetic while staying minimalistic, this is it. It doesn’t hurt their feed is also full of sick shoes!

16. @AccidentallyWesAnderson_: Not sure who’s behind it, but this account caters to Wes Anderson film junkies, playing off the director’s unique cinematic style. Bright colors, lines and a healthy dose of symmetry—all found in the wild!

17. @AmericanExpress: A pioneer in the social space, AMEX has turned its service into a compelling lifestyle brand through active listening and engagement, creative campaigns (#AmexLife, #AmexWelcomed) and creative partnerships with an A-List of social media influencers.

18. @REI: With a co-op business model, REI has extremely close connections with its members, who share the mantra: We believe a life outdoors is a life well lived. REI celebrates that brand platform with a 100% user-generated content that inspires the thirst for adventure lurking inside everyone.

19. @Playdoh: Even if you only like Playdoh for its entrancing smell, you have to give the company props for its creative Instagram feed. Aesthetically appealing, and great commitment to chronicling pop culture, news of the day and the endless array of “National” observances.

20. @TheOnion: The Onion has been burning up the web with its satirical outlook on current events since the late 90’s. Their comedic stylings have translated nicely to Instagram, and are a welcome break in any feed.

21. @Jerms1977: Jeremy Clarke is a Charleston-based photog who captures incredible fishing adventures in marshes and on waterways throughout Lowcountry. It’s no surprise his stunning pics have reeled in more than 13,000 followers.

22. @HolyCityHandcraft: Although this account is a side-gig for Miguel Buencamino, he handles photography, content and relationships like a true pro. Attention-grabbing cocktails are paired with unique recipes to maximum effect, and Miguel is a pleasure to work with as an influencer.

23. @ExploreCharleston: You don’t become the No. 1 city in the U.S. (No. 2 in the world!) without some fire Instagram content, and the Charleston Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau account is the arguably the highest-profile on the ‘Gram when it comes to marketing the Holy City as a destination. The imagery, particularly of historic homes and alleyways, is what we enjoy most from the CACVB team.

24. @Thefacultylounge: Faculty Lounge is an awesome dive bar, but this account steers away from self-promotion, making use of funny, retro and pop-culture images. It’s refreshing to see a local hangout thinking outside-the-box and owning a bold theme. It’s equally refreshing to drink there.

25. @beigecardigan: This irreverent account is consistently funny and covers everything from social media fails to current events and ridiculous everyday situations — and sometimes all three at once. After reading the news, @beigecardigan provides some much-needed comic relief.

26. @bohoandbows: ~Totes adorbs~ recent addition to the #CHS blogging scene, this mamacita of two is building a brand based on fab deals and fresh photography.

27. @primantibros: FRIES. That’s really all anyone needs to know about this crave-inflicting account.

28. @pubfarechs: Could Pubfare be the best burger is #CHS? Maybe! You can practically smell the flat top when scrolling through these posts. (Pro tip we came by the hard way: Don’t bite the screen.)

29. @barstoolsports: Hilarious content all around. Crude? Sometimes! But Barstool never fails to surprise and delight its 4.5 million followers (including the entire #BillsMafia).

30. @coorsbanquet: Take a trip to the mountains of Colorado — and then to the bar! Another favorite account, @barmashchs, has Coors Banquet on draft for just $2.

*BONUS Account: @kfc: It’s just finger-licking good social media.